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With more than 45 years experience in the hotel industry, both in operations and consultancy, Brush & Company has the education and recognized expertise to provide high quality, "principal-involved" consulting services to all types of hotels and resorts.


Hospitality Consulting Services
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Litigation Support Services

Brush & Company is a consulting firm that specializes in a variety of services to all facets of the hospitality industry with a focus on hotel and resort operations. By extension, this expertise is available to assist in litigation involving the same industry by providing services ranging from pretrial investigatory work to microeconomic studies to expert witness analysis and testimony as needed.

Some of the areas in which Brush & Company can assist include:

  • Market feasibility/strategy studies for existing hotels or resorts as part of an overall workout program.
  • Estimates of future operating results under alternative scenarios to assess future potential for the existing facility or the identified site.
  • Comprehensive property reviews to evaluate a facility’s present market position in order to best evaluate future prospects.
  • Asset disposition or market repositioning strategies for properties being taken back in foreclosure.
  • Preliminary financial estimates for properties in dispute or estimates of lost profits due to variety of circumstances.

Previous Engagements

  • During more than twenty years in the hotel industry consulting environment, Mr. Brush has performed in a variety of litigation support roles including:
  • Research and expert witness testimony for a variety of landowners in eminent domain takings on the question of suitability of the "taken" parcel for hotel development and at what quality level, type or size of hotel or resort.
  • Data analysis and expert witness testimony for the condemning authority on the question of negative impact due to the loss of an unused lawn area.
  • Expert witness testimony in Federal bankruptcy court for a proposed change in affiliation of a nationally franchised hotel.
  • Market analysis and depositions for a Caribbean hotel in order to value lost profits due to construction faults and delays during a renovation project.
  • Estimates of lost profit for a north Florida hotel due to a product quality issue as a result of mistakes in the original construction process. Assignment included depositions and court testimony.
  • Analysis and expert witness testimony for ownership in a dispute with management over performance in an action before the American Arbitration Association.
  • Analysis of another expert’s estimate of lost profits for a hotel architect in a case where there were allegations of faulty design and construction leading to significant water damage rendering rooms unable to be rented.
  • Estimates of shortfalls in owners’ returns due to management inefficiency in a class action suit for a Real Estate Investment Trust.
  • Analysis of operations and expert opinion in a dispute between ownership and management with regard to cancellation of a management contract due to poor performance of a hotel.

Hospitality consulting services

Asset Management

Asset Management

Assistance to owners or lenders for a specific hotel or group of hotels including the monitoring of performance and quality control.

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Operational Diagnostics

Operational Diagnostics

Geared to improving the operating performance of hospitality assets for management, ownership or lenders

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Hotel Market Surveys

Hotel Market Surveys

including feasibility and strategy studies for existing or proposed facilities; due diligence for asset acquisition; property or market evaluation; initial financial estimates/analysis...

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